Prof. Dr. Kai Uwe Barthel

Kai Barthel was born in 1962 in Braunschweig/Germany.
Form 1975 until 1982 he lived in Brussels/Belgium.

Prof. Dr. Kai Uwe Barthel studied electrical engineering at the Technical University of Berlin. After that he became assistant professor at the University’s department for signal processing. In 1996 he finished his PhD thesis about fractal image compression. After that he led a research project dealing with 3D-video coding.

In 1998 Kai became head of R&D with LuraTech Inc. Berlin where hard- and software for image compression were developed. In addition he participated in the JPEG2000 standardization committee. His research topic of that time was the segmentation of documents for Mixed-Raster-Content compression.

In 2001 Kai became a professor for visual computing at HTW, University of applied sciences in Berlin. At HTW Berlin Kai is teaching courses such as image processing, computer vision, machine learning and visual information retrieval. Main research topics are content-based image retrieval, visual image sorting and semantic image search.

In 2009 Kai founded pixolution, a company for visual image search ( Pixolution’s visual search technologies are used by many stock agencies such as fotolia, motion elements, people images, and IDS.

Kai’s latest research topics include automatic keywording of images, image clustering and the development of visual image navigation systems such as . More demos can be found at .