User-Centered Web Technology SS2017

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This is a practical class in Contextual Design. We will read the book “Contextual Design, 2nd ed.” by Karen Holtzblatt and Hugh Beyer together and run through a Lightning Fast+ Rapid Contextual Design Process.

There are no lectures, you need to actually read the book, one two two chapters each week. During class, you will work on the contextual design process steps in small teams, continuing the work throughout the week. The workload per week is about 9 to 10,5 hrs (in accordance with the 5 ECTS you earn).

Have a look at the schedule to see how this breaks down. If needed, further information will appear on the Labs page.


There are three reports to hand in via moodle, and a final project presentation including slides. Each of this counts 1/4 towards the grade:

  • Report I: write-up Contextual Inquiry
  • Report II: write-up Visioning and Prototypes
  • Report III: write-up Final Project Report
  • Presentation (Actual Presentation & Slides)

Reports I+II are due monday in the specified week. Report III + the presentation slides are due 1 week after final project presentations.