Info2 WS2018 - Labs and Exercises


Lab Assignments not linked here have not released for this term yet and might be changed.

Lab Reports are due @ 23.00 the night before your next lab.

After having a look into designing an object-oriented application in lab 1 and 2, we will do a lot of small-scale programming in Java during this term. As in Info1, each lab has a pre-lab part, that you are expected to do before coming to the lab an assignment that you work on during the lab. Usually, you’re expected to turn in a report on what you did during the lab.

You can work on the assignments in groups of up to three people. Make sure to put all your names on the first page of your lab report.

Review and Presentations of Lab Reports in the following Lab

There are a couple of important changes for the labs compared to Info1:

You are required to be able to present and explain your work in the following lab (“review”). How this is done will change from lab to lab, depending on the topic of the lab: one of you might be randomly chosen to present the work, I might talk to each or some of you individually, or it might even be a little quizz in moodle which should be easy to solve if you did the lab exercise.

If you happen to be drawn for presentation and refuse to present the report (e.g. because you don’t have the slightest idea what your group mates have written or you just feel too shy that day) or are not present yourself, you are required to present the report to me in person during my next office hours.

Apart from that, it’s ok not to have completely succeeded on the assignment, as long as you have tried sufficiently.

If I find out that you most probably didn’t work on the lab yourself, or the lab report has too little significant content regarding the assignment, I might decide to reject the report.

Note that this is a (possibly) different thing than plagiarism. Plagiarism - copying the work of others - is considered cheating and will lead to failing the whole course.

If you become ill with the usual cold, plan to use up one of the late slots. If you’re having trouble keeping up for longer than a week, come talk to me or send me an email and we’ll figure something out.

Last semesters, I found it necessary to clarify some more things about the reports.