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Prof. Dr. Barne Kleinen

Impressum, Datenschutzerklärung

Contact Information

My preferred means of communication is email:

If you have questions regarding the Auslandspraktikum: Check if they are answered on the info page. - if not, please make use of the office hours.

Office: WH C 645

Skype&Twitter: drblinken

Phone: +49 30 5019-3499

Postal address: HTW Berlin, Fachbereich 4, 10313 Berlin

Visiting address: Wilhelminenhofstr. 75a, 12459 Berlin - Gebäude C

Office Hours

Office: WH C 645

Wenn Sie Ihr Praktikum beantragen möchten, bringen Sie bitte
alle erforderlichen Unterlagen mit.

WS 2018/19:

Thursday, 29.11.2018 15:30-16:30
starting Tuesday, December 4th: every
Tuesday, 14:15-15:15
Please check back here for changes!

Pronoun and Name

My pronoun is "he".

I’ve recently changed my first name to Barne, and you might still find my old first name in some places - that’s probably also me, as my last name is quite rare.


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