Barne Kleinen | Thesis Topics

Website of Prof. Dr. Barne Kleinen, Professor for Media Informatics (Bachelor/Master) at HTW Berlin

My main areas of interest are

  • User Centered Design and Usability
  • Agile Development
  • Web Technology
  • Continuous Deployment and DevOps
  • Teaching Computer Science

And all intersections of these areas.

If you have an idea for a topic that fits into these areas, come and talk to me.

I’m also happy to supervise topics that are based within a company, but I usually don’t sign NDAs.

The following is a Collection of Ideas for Topics and things that I would like to see and use.

Most Topics can be done with different focusses on either user research/design, implementation or evaluation.

Classroom Tools / Agile Development

Classroom Survey& Feedback Tool

There are many Survey-Tools out there, but no open source one. Topic of the Thesis would be to develop an easy to use survey and feedback-tool for Classrooms, either to collect information in a larger group of people, or as interactive element / feedback tool on the learning process.


Information Classification Tool

Explore the possibilities to implement Information Organization usually done with Post Its digitally on a large screen.

Mainly Browser based/Front End.

Open Source Browser MindMap

Lot of Information is or can be organized hierarchically. While a lot of Mindmap-Tools exist, most of them are closed-source with proprietary Data Formats. The Goal is to develop an open, Browser Based MindMapping-Tool, that uses and produces Data in various open formats (e.g. json, yaml).

Mainly Browser based/Front End.

Practice and Gamification for Programming

In close collaboration with the Lectures for Info2, develop and evaluate game based programming practice tools for Informatics 2 during the Summer Term.

TBD, Java.


Internship Portfolios and Presentations

Support the Presentation of recent Internships via the IMI-Map. This can range from visually attractive Presentations within the IMI-Map to improving communication channels and information flow between students and supervisors of recent Internships with those planning their future internships.

Design/Event Organization?/UCD / Rails

Internship Approval Process

Approval of Internships based on Certificates and Reports is a complex process not well supported by the existing systems. It constitutes an interesting case of business-(il)logic that should be more transparent to students.

Mostly Rails and UCD.

Modernisation of the IMI-Map with React

Identify and implement areas where a more interactive user-experience would help the user experience and implement them.

React with Rails.

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