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Erik Mautsch, M.Sc.
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Erik Mautsch

Erik Mautsch, M.Sc.(Business Computing)

Contact Information

My preferred means of communication is email:

Skype: erik.mautsch

Phone: +49 179 45 74 357


Next to my academic work, I'm working as a freelance agile coach and consultant for companies from differently industries, like REWE digital, ImmobilienScout24, Volkswagen AG, Deutsche Bahn AG (DBSystel, DB Connect), ERGO Group AG and Axel Springer SE. I became first involved into - then committed to agile methodologies in 2006. I'm also an active member of the Agile (Scrum Alliance) and NLP (Society of NLP, nlpaed) community and share my insights and knowledge on conferences and meetups. Since 2003 I fulfilled several business roles - Developer, Senior Consultant, ScrumMaster, Coach and Trainer.