Prof. Dr.-Ing. Horst Schulte
University of Applied Sciences Berlin (HTW)
Faculty 1: School of Engineering - Energy and Information Science
Control Engineering Group
Wilhelminenhofstrasse 75A
12459 Berlin, Germany

Horst Schulte received the diploma degree in Electrical Engineering from TU Berlin and
the Ph.D. degree in Control Engineering from University Kassel (Germany). He joined the
Bosch Group in 2005 where he worked in R&D projects in the field of modeling, optimization
and advanced control of actuators, power systems and drive trains. Since November 2009,
he has been a full Professor at the University of Applied Sciences HTW Berlin. His
research interests include nonlinear controller and observer design with Takagi-Sugeno (TS),
LPV and sliding-mode techniques, robust control system design, active fault-tolerant
control (FTC) system design with industrial applications. He is the author of more than
110 scientific publications including international journal papers, book chapters,
patents, and conference papers. Prof. Schulte is one of European Advanced Control and
Diagnosis (EACD) steering committee members and a member of IFAC TC 6.4 Fault
Detection, Supervision & Safety of Technical Processes and 7.1 Automotive Control.

  • Associate Editor of the Journal ISA Transactions
  • Associate Editor of the Journal Intelligent & Robotic Systems
  • Board Member of the Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science
  • European Advanced Control and Diagnosis (EACD) steering committee
  • Management board of Federation of German Windpower and other Renewable Energies (FGW e.V.)
  • Member of the IFAC Technical Committee 6.4 Fault Detection,Supervision & Safety of Techn.Processes
  • Member of the IFAC Technical Committee 7.1 Automotive Control
  • Member of the IEEE CIS Task Force on "Fuzzy Control Theory and Application"
  • Member of the IEEE CIS Task Force on "Fuzzy Systems in Renewable Energy and Smart Grids"
  • Member of the IEEE Control Systems Society
  • VDI/VDE-German Association for Electrical, Electronic & Information Technologies
  • Member of the Technical Committee 5.14 Computational Intelligence

    Research Interest:
    • Modeling and Control of Complex Systems
    • Computational Intelligence in Control
    • Robust and Fault Tolerant Control (FTC)
    • Observer and Filter Design (LPV/TS-Obs., Kalman-Filter, Particle Filter)
    • Model-based Control using TS and LPV model classes

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