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Website of Prof. Dr. Barne Kleinen, Professor for Media Informatics (Bachelor/Master) at HTW Berlin

Prof. Dr. Barne Kleinen

Barne Kleinen

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Contact Information


Office: WH C 645

Zoom: My Personal Zoom-Room

Phone: +49 30 5019-3499

Postal address: HTW Berlin, Fachbereich 4, 10313 Berlin

Visiting address: Wilhelminenhofstr. 75a, 12459 Berlin - Gebäude C

Office Hours

Office Hours in WS 2021/22: usually Thursdays 14:30-15:30
in my office or via Zoom, simply in the order you've registered in the wiki.


My pronoun is "he".


My Schedule in LSF


Mirror on github:

Sending me Snail Mail (Paper)

If you need to get paper to me, You can do that in the following ways:

  • Directly to my post box: The post boxes are opposite the Dekanat on the second floor next to WH-C 225. Number 69 is mine.
  • Hauspost: Just put Prof. Barne Kleinen, FB4 on it and put it in any of the Hauspostbriefkästen. There is a huge grey one in front of Building B.
  • For general Postal Services from anywhere in the World use: Prof. Barne Kleinen, HTW Berlin, Fachbereich 4, 10313 Berlin, Germany